Website migration

Timing is Everything

There are various reasons why a company may wish to migrate their website; a rebrand, internationalisation, switching to https or the consolidation of separate sites. Site migration is undertaken to benefit the brand, however without the necessary precautions and steps, it can be detrimental to your company. That's where we come in, we can help you successfully manoeuvre through the tricky process of migrating your site.

Up to 80%

drop in traffic for poorly migrated sites


traffic increase for well migrated sites


of brands don't consider the SEO impact of a migration

The difference we can make

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Castore Sportswear 54.32% increase in Conversion Rate within 2 months of moving to a secure site

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Chinti & Parker 20% increase in YoY Transactions since site migration (2016-2017)

Website Migration Checklist

5 steps to consider before making the transition

  1. Timing is crucial - it is best to begin the process in the quietest period possible for your business, as there will be an initial downturn in traffic
  2. Secure Site - it is highly recommended to consider moving to a secure site protocol, as not only does this increase customer confidence in your brand, but it also supplies a boost in search visibility
  3. Create a sitemap - build a hierarchical list of all the URLs planned for the new site. Develop this with the customer journey in mind
  4. Prepare all re-directs - make sure that Google is indexing the correct pages, and customers are diverted to the correct page. Test before, during, and after the migration
  5. Keyword Ranking Report - Run an extensive keyword ranking report prior to the change to monitor the success of site migration

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